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& Sacred Cycles

Supporting Women's Well-being. Honouring Ceremony and Cycles. Rising and Shining Together! 

Anya Hawkes & 
Michelle Boxley 

SEPT to DEC 2023




40hr Accredited Further Training Course for Yoga Teachers

Supporting each other to rise, honouring cycles & ceremony


This live-streamed training with myself, Michelle Boxley and a few other inspiring guest teachers will dive into everything we can integrate into our yoga offerings to support women in vibrant wellbeing.

Women's Wellbeing 

This training course will focus on many aspects of women's wellbeing that we may positively influence with Yoga and wellness techniques. The menstrual cycle, the long-term post-natal period, the menopause.  The shifts and cycles of hormones, how stress manifests in the female body and our internal coping strategies that just might be blocking the way to our physical and emotional freedom. We look at bringing ritual and ceremony back to our everyday lives.  Exploring ways in which we can bring goddess energy into our practice. 

The challenges of life and all the extra demands that we perhaps place on ourselves can leave us feeling depleted and uncentered, unsure of our purpose perhaps. 

This training will guide you specific tools and techniques to help all women reestablish a positive self-relationship, to empower them to nourish, nurture and strengthen their incredible bodies and most of all, to know that they are not alone.  Sister-hood, togetherness, a sense of community and support is more important than ever.  Together we heal, together we grow and together we rise. 

Sacred Cycles 

Within this training we offer 4 very special modules to honour Sacred Cycles, ritual, living in harmony with the moon. the seasons, the elements and with ourselves.  The content of these modules will help you to inspire women to move in the direction of their true essence, and will give you some incredible knowledge to draw from to create transformational experiences for women, in addition to enriching  your own life and practice. 


Anya Hawkes

Founder of The CORE REVOLUTION Teacher Training School, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, Passionate Consciousness Warrior with an energy that will inspire and uplift you!  

With over a thousand hours of training and decades of experience, Anya teaches with clarity, authentic expression and a message of positive self-centring She brings a wealth of knowledge, life experience, wisdom and FUN to the training, whilst deeply honouring each and every student.

Michelle Boxley

Michelle is a Senior Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Holistic Therapist, Sound Healer, Herbalist, Women’s Circle Facilitator and facilitator trainer, Moon MotherⓇ, ceremonialist and Priestess. She is passionate about connecting people to the rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the moon and to helping people live a slower and more mindful life.

INVESTMENT Special £300


Payment plans are available to help spread the cost of training, 4 payments of £75 





Fridays 10 to 1pm or

Saturdays 7 to 10am 



Saturdays 2 to 5pm 


All sessions are recorded to an online resource for you to have long-time access to.



Saturday Sept 16th 2 to 5pm 'Sacred Cycles' with Michelle Boxley


Friday & Saturday September 29th & 30th 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'


Friday & Saturday October 6th & 7th 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'


Friday & Saturday October 20th & 21st 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'


Saturday October 28th 2 to 5pm  'Sacred Cycles' with Michelle Boxley


November 3rd & 4th 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'


Saturday November 11th 2 to 5pm 'Sacred Cycles' with Michelle Boxley


November 17th & 18th 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'


November 24th & 25th 

Saturday 9th December 2 to 5pm  'Sacred Cycles' with Michelle Boxley


December 1st & 2nd 

'Women's Wellbeing with Anya'



Women's Wellbeing with Anya & Guests

Sacred Gathering 

Ritual & Ceremony 

Women's wellbeing in yoga 

Supporting others to Rise

CSV Goddess Philosophy in Flow 

Hormones & Transitions 

The 7 year Postnatal Period

Alchemy in your offerings 


Sacred Cycles with Michelle 

The Moon & Divine Feminine 

Archetypes & Goddesses

The Elements & The Wheel of the Year 

Weaving in your Magic 



Do I need to be a teacher to take this training?

Yes you need a 200hr foundation training to take this training. 

Is there an assessment?

You are gently assessed during the course with both group and partner work alongside question and answer sessions. You will teach a practice as your final assessment. 

What happens if I fail? 

We operate a no fail policy. If we feel you need more time to reach the teaching level required to host classes, we will offer that time and support to get you to where you need to be. 


Will I be able to teach straight away?

You can teach really soon after your training!  


What equipment do I need for this training? 

You'll need a yoga mat, cushions, blocks, a ball, blankets and a good sense of humour and an open mind! 


What should I wear?

Normal yoga clothing is good, with layers.

Can I still take this training if I am pregnant?

Yes absolutely. 

Can I still take this training if I have an injury? 




You must be a certified yoga teacher to take our Women's Wellbeing Training.


A deposit is required to secure your place on the course at the time of booking.  


Applications are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


If deposits or balance payments are not made by the specified date, you may forfeit your place on the training.


The full fee should be paid no less than 6 weeks before the course start date, or as outlined by a payment plan as previously agreed with Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga UK.


Payment plans must be agreed by means of a standing order set up by the student. 


Full fees for the course must be paid before a graduation certificate can be issued.



A deposit payment of £150 is payable at the time of booking, unless another payment amount has been agreed.


This deposit is refundable (less a £75 admin fee) up to 12 weeks prior to the start date on the course. Due to there being limited spaces on the training, beyond these 12 weeks refunds will only be given a) if the space can be filled b) in unforeseen circumstances such as serious injury, illness, death in the family - and this will be at the discretion of the trainer.





Whilst we will do everything to make sure the training course runs on the given dates, if the course needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead trainer reserves the right to cancel the course at any time. Under these circumstances, a date change may be offered or a full refund will be offered to the student.

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