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Fridays 10am to 1pm 
Saturdays 7am to 10am

Anya Hawkes & Guests 



Yoga Teachers! 

Come of a journey of EVOLUTION with me. 

My wish for this training is to provide a spacious format for you to grow as a teacher and as an individual.  A journey of evolution together.  I'll share all of my expertise with you, invite guest teachers to participate, and support you in using your new knowledge every step of the way. 

Alchemise your own journey by choosing courses that most interest you, gain a top-rated certification for each course, lots of new skills to be able to grow your yoga offerings and client-base, your 500hr Certified Teacher status PLUS your Senior CSV Certification with us! 


For 2022 and 2023 only (because let's face it some of us teachers have had a rough few years) I'm offering this training on PAY WHAT YOU CAN basis. Together We Rise Great Ones!  


The 7 Core Cues module is compulsory, all the others are optional, build your 300hrs as you wish! 

There are a few 3 day in-person or live-streamed weekend trainings and a residential Tribe Gathering Week. 

All other trainings will run over 3 months - with 9 x 3hr LIVE sessions and the other weeks for you to do teaching practice, and assessment preparations. (Live sessions Friday 10am to 1pm or Saturday 7am to 10am) 

Each of these courses will be followed by a MENTORSHIP MONTH - no fixed agenda or times to show up live but lots of support with integrating the material into your teaching, your offerings and any marketing/business advice you need. This will run organically on a Facebook Group, I'll check-in twice a week and offer Facebook live sessions, depending on topics  You can dip or dive in without any pressure.

Sessions will be recorded and added to your online resource for each course with other resources and notes/manuals with long-time access. 



Our full 300hr training is usually £3000 to £3500

For 2022/2023 students, there is an option to pay a monthly fee (like a monthly membership) 

24 monthly payments with the option to choose your rate

Pay What You Can - no questions asked 

Payments over 24 months 

Suggested Fee is £100 per month (already a great price for a 300hr!) 
Options to pay £75 or £50 for those that need a financial helping-hand. 

*Additional cost for those wanting to attend TRIBE GATHERING INTENSIVE WEEK (accommodation options from £600)

Already completed some hours? 
You can opt into the full course if you desire and continue beyond your 300hrs, (you'll gain your cert when you get to 300hrs of course) or just complete the courses you need to meet your 300hr requirements.  I'll help to calculate costs for that.


Below is a brief course schedule with dates, see course info links for more information about each course.












Jan to March 
Restorative Yoga & The Art of Letting Go & Letting Be 'Inviting Surrender'  Zoom training 3 hrs per week

Restorative Mentorship Month 

22nd to 24th April Yin & MyoFascial Release Training Daily 9am to 6pm Zoom or in person Yoga Shala, Bromsgrove   

May to July 
Advanced CSV Anatomy and The 7 Core Cues 'Going Deeper' Zoom training 3 hrs per week

7 Core Cue Mentorship Month 

2nd to 4th Sept Yoga Shred Certification Friday 2pm to 9pm  Saturday & Sunday  8am to 6pm Zoom or in person Yoga Shala, Bromsgrove 

September to November 
Therapeutics & Teaching Skills 'Broadening your Skills, Healing through Yoga' Zoom 3 hrs per week 

Therapeutics & Teaching Skills Mentorship Month 


Jan to March 
Pranayama & The Subtle Arts (including Yoga Nidra) 'Bring the Art of Breathing to the World' Zoom 3 hrs per week

Pranayama Mentorship Month 

April 28th to 30th Yin & Myofascial Release Friday 2pm to 9pm  Saturday & Sunday  8am to 6pm Zoom or in person Yoga Shala, Bromsgrove 

June 9th to 11th Pregnancy Yoga Friday 2pm to 9pm  Saturday & Sunday  8am to 6pm Zoom or in person Yoga Shala, Bromsgrove  

May to July 
Authenticity, Sequencing & Philosophy  'Creativity in Teaching, Authenticity on and off the Mat' Zoom 3 hrs per week

Authenticity & Sequencing Mentorship Month 


September 15th to 17th Yoga Shred Friday 2pm to 9pm  Saturday & Sunday  8am to 6pm Zoom or in person Yoga Shala, Bromsgrove 


October 9th to 15th TEACHER TRIBE INTENSIVE WEEK - Residential 

September to November
Women's Wellbeing 'Supporting Women's Wellbeing, Rising and Shining Together! Zoom 3 hrs per week

Women's Wellbeing Mentorship Month 


Email me using the link below or at with any questions. 

I will send you a registration form, you'll complete that, and create a standing order or PayPal recurring fee for your monthly payment and we're ready to rock! 



2022 Live Zoom Dates 

LIVE DATES FOR 2022  JOIN FRIDAY 10am to 1pm or Saturday 7am to 10am (or mix and match!)


Restorative & The Art of Letting Go & Letting Be 

1)LIVE 7th or 8th Jan 
2)LIVE 14th or 15th Jan
3)LIVE 21st or 22nd Jan 
4)LIVE 28th or 29th Jan 
6)LIVE 11th or 12th Feb 
7)LIVE 18th or 19th Feb
9)LIVE 4th or 5th March
10)LIVE 11th or 12th March 
12)ASSESSMENT SESSION 25th or 26th March 

Advanced CSV & The Seven Core Cues 
1)LIVE May 6th or 7th 
2)LIVE May 13th or 14th 
3)LIVE May 20th or 21st 
4)LIVE May 27th or 28th 
7)LIVE June 17th or 18th 
8)LIVE June 24th to 25th 
9)LIVE July 1st & 2nd 
10)LIVE July 8th & 9th 
12) ASSESSMENT SESSION 22nd or 23rd July 

Therapeutics & Teaching Skills 
Every Friday & Saturday 

22nd to 23rd Sept to 25th & 26th November
ASSESSMENT SESSION Nov 25th or 26th 

Dates will be similar for 2023 live sessions - will be confirmed closer to the time. 



Are there any prerequisites for this training?


You must hold a 200hr Yoga Foundation Certificate to certify in this training.  Foundational knowledge of CSV Yoga - contact me if you're not sure on this and I can help! 

What equipment do I need for this training?


 You'll need a human body :-) a yoga mat, two blocks, one yoga strap, notebook and pen, and a good sense of humour!


As much of this training in LIVE-streaming you will also need a free zoom account, access to reliable internet and a device with a camera for the zoom calls. 

What should I wear?


Normal yoga clothing is good!


Can I still take this training if I am pregnant?


Yes you can, but please speak to Anya to discuss this in more detail. 


Can I still take this training if I have an injury?


Yes, this training will help you to understand and better manage your own injuries/ailments and those of your students. 



A deposit or confirmed payment plan set up  is required to secure your place on the course at the time of booking. 


A notice of 3 months is required to cancel any training.  Cancellations for courses after that may still be billed, unless space can be filled.


Payment plans must be agreed by means of a standing order set up by the student, or via a PayPal subscription plan.


Full fees for the course must be paid before a graduation certificate can be issued.



Deposit Payments are non-refundable. 




Whilst we will do everything to make sure the training course runs on the given dates, if the course needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead trainer reserves the right to cancel the course at any time. Under these circumstances, a date change may be offered or a full refund will be offered to the student. Alternative hours and courses will be offered to suit the majority of students.