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8 weekends 
Plus 3 night residential retreat 

Senior Yoga Teachers 
Anya Hawkes &  Lara Darby 





Fully Certified and Globally Recognised Yoga Alliance Professionals Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Registered Senior Yoga Teachers Anya Hawkes & Lara Darby.


Anatomy-focused Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release, Yoga for Every Body, Meditation and Pranayama for an all-round amazing training! 


Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a new perspective on yoga.


CSV creates space. LIGHT up your potential from the inside out.

CSV Yoga transforms. Move the way you were born to move.

CSV Yoga empowers. Stand in your TRUTH, and SHINE.

Get a new perspective.

Start a revolution.



Anya: Founder of CORE REVOLUTION Teacher Training School, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, Passionate Consciousness Warrior and Master Trainer for Sadie Nardini. Anya teaches with clarity, authentic expression and a message of positive self-centring. Anya brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and FUN to the training. You'll find Anya with Sadie online at the Fit & Fierce Club, bringing anatomy-smart yoga and meditation-mindsets to the online world. 

'I am dedicated to growing a tribe of intelligent yoga teachers who can gift the world with a message of self-love and anatomy-smart yoga' 


Lara: Lara is a Senior CSV Teacher. Lara is a passionate and experienced yoga teacher with 500hr British Wheel of Yoga training & 300hr CSV training and has evolved her teaching over 15 years to qualify as a Core-Strength Vinyasa Senior Teacher and Yoga Shred® teacher. She has trained with many well known teachers from multiple yoga disciplines from Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Pregnancy and Kids Yoga and brings a wealth of experience to the training.





Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a transitional style.


Break linear and move biomechanically not traditionally for optimal STRENGTH and SAFETY within vinyasa-based practices.


Its new-generation alignment uses Myofascial Muscle Meridians as a primary tool for function and flow. This movement methodology can be applied to any yoga style empowering students and teachers to their next level.




Begins Oct 1st & 2nd, 2022

* Maximum of 12 students will be accepted on this training to ensure a fantastic experience for all! *



All training weekends will take place at the The Yoga Shala in Rushock (Nr Bromsgrove) WR9 0NN

Awesome, intelligent, fun & life-changing yoga training with truly inspiring teachers. 


Join the CSV Yoga Tribe of intelligent, authentic teachers gifting the yoga world with smarter yoga!




Saturdays & Sundays  (9am - 6pm).


8 Weekends at The Yoga Shala Plus 3 Day Intensive for Graduation 

The first weekend of the month October to May, intensive retreat in June! 


OCT 1st & 2nd 

NOV 5th & 6th 

DEC 3rd & 4th 

JAN 7th & 8th 

FEB 4th & 5th 

MARCH 4th & 5th 

APRIL 1st & 2nd 

MAY 6th & 7th 



JUNE 6th to 9th

Graduation Retreat 6th June 3pm to 9th June 10am  


We have two incredible venues for our intensive residential training. (In Wales and Devon) They can accommodate different numbers of students, so venue will be confirmed closer to the training start date.  Gorgeous shared accommodation complete with sauna and hot tub (Wales) or sauna and outdoor pool (Devon) both have fantastic views and beautiful yoga studios. Peace & quiet and everything we need for a perfect few days to complete your training! 

Your Specialist Anatomy Training  - included with your Teacher Training! 


*** FLUID FOUNDATIONS CSV YOGA® ANATOMY COURSE*** with Anya Hawkes & Alyson Wish 

As part of your training curriculum, you will study our cutting-edge Anatomy Course alongside each weekend module.

Giving you confidence, clarity and a whole new understanding of anatomy in action.


This makes up most of your 20 non-contact study hours as part of your 200hr Training. 

See the syllabus for the course below or find out more about the course HERE. 




Cost: £2500 (with monthly payments)

***PAY IN FULL: £2300***


***Payment Plans Available*** 

We are happy to create a payment plan to meet your needs with a minimum deposit of £500.


Book and pay in full or pay your deposit before June 1st and receive an extra discount 

Pay in Full £2200 

Payment Plan £2250  

(payment plan examples after deposit of £250 10 monthly payments of £200, 12 monthly payments of £166 or 16 monthly payments of £125)  



Anya and team deliver a revolutionary perspective on yoga and life that will free your body and mind and fully prepare you to be able to share your love of yoga with others.

Enter into the world of teaching yoga with NEXT LEVEL information that will set you apart from other yoga teachers from the get go! 

From this, you can teach super-power classes, core strength vinyasa flow, a modified Ashtanga-style class, a more restorative class, a slow-anatomy focused class - AND you'll be able to do so with intelligent modifications so that every body in your class benefits as much as possible. 

Most teacher trainings teach you how to instruct yoga. With this course you will learn how to TEACH yoga! There is a BIG difference. 



Let's schedule a phone, facetime or Skype call to have a chat to see whether the training is the one for you!


You must attend 90% of the training contact hours to gain certification. Missing hours can be made up with private sessions at £30 per hour.

If you're interested in taking your own practice and understanding of yoga to the next level and potentially sharing this with others. This course will help you to become a confident, competent and super-knowledgeable yoga teacher.



There is a lot to cover, but the course will not be overwhelming.

You will receive a lot of support along the way!

The course will include the following areas of study:

  • Yoga - history, meaning, benefits, lineage, different styles and perspective

  • Cutting edge, interesting and relevant anatomy & physiology! 

  • Transitions, asanas 

  • Pranayama, meditation, energy, sound 

  • Philosophy 

  • Healthy movement and biomechanics

  • Assists and supportive verbal cues 

  • Intelligent class sequencing and themes 

  • The business of teaching yoga 

  • Contraindications, safety and class set-up

  • And much more! 


This Teacher Training Course will prepare you to become a confident and authentic yoga teacher with and excellent understanding of the principles and practice of yoga, with an emphasis on the Core Strength Vinyasa methodology and cutting edge anatomy and biomechanics and yoga philosophy. 



MODULE 1: Core Foundations


  • Core Awareness & Awakening.

  • Core Philosophy - the Essence of CSV. 

  • CSV Lineage.  

  • What is yoga? What is your yoga? 

  • Ancient Origins and Roots. Modern day interpretation. 

  • History and the many Paths of Yoga.

  • What is Vinyasa Krama.

  • CSV Holistic Anatomy: Move Biomechanically not Traditionally into Traditional Poses. 

  • Teaching Practicum - The Four Fundamentals in Mountain Rise & Lunges. 

  • Comparing Styles of Yoga. 

  • Featured family of poses.  



1. Fluid Foundations 

  • Why Fluid Foundations? Health is an ever changing, dynamic homeostasis. 

  • What is anatomy? Different Perspectives on the Body & Asana.

  • The CSV Yoga® Perspective: Paving a new path in the 21st Century.

  • Our journey into the Vinyasa Lineage. 

  • Fascia Foundations. 

  • CSV Wholistic Adaptation Principle.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics. 

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.

MODULE 2: Core Connection

(Core-warm-up, Seeded Core Salutation, & Intelligent Preparations)


  • Signature CSV Core Warm-up - the what and the why.

  • Intelligent Preparations - effective warm-ups.

  • Intro to basic sequencing - beginning, middle and end. Start with an intention.

  • Sankalpa.

  • CSV Surya Namaskar.

  • Core Anatomy, the facets/aspects of the core, the incredible Deep Core Line.

  • Teaching Practicum: Core warm-up & Basic Breath Script



2. Core Characteristics

  • Facets of the Core & More.

  • Inner Body Support System: The Three Diaphragms.

  • Core Body as a Core Conversation.

  • Deep Core Line Anatomy.

  • Physical and Philosophical.

  • Fluid Foundations Within The Core.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz: Core Anatomy, the facets/aspects of the core, DCL etc.

MODULE 3: Stand in Your Truth

(Core, Standing Poses & Earth to Core Connection & Intelligent Preparations)


  • Standing poses - Neutral & Externally Rotated / Symmetrical & Asymmetrical.

  • CSV Transitions - a journey through neutral - standing poses / broken giraffe.

  • Standing Balances: Grow from your seed.

  • Balanced Revolved Standing Poses: Earth to Core to Expression.

  • Breath Exploration: Pranayama Techniques beyond the CSV Breath.

  • Prana, Pranayama & Consciousness: Techniques to free the mind.

  • Teaching Practicum on the weekend: Standing Flow with the CSV Cues.



3. Anatomy of Breath

  • Bandhas as Root Energy.

  • Bandhas & The Deep Core Line.

  • The Physics of Breath.

  • Pranayama – Control or Release?

  • Different Ways To Breathe.

  • The CSV Breath: Bio-Optimised Breathing.

  • What is Supported Breath?

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.



MODULE 4: The Golden Thread of Intention

(A deeper core exploration, chakras, sequencing & meditation)


  • The Art of Sequencing: The Golden Thread of Intention.

  • Building Kramas.

  • Stretch, Activate, Energise, Restore - Psoas Techniques.

  • CSV Transitions: The 4 Cues, Movement & Breath.

  • Teaching Practice: Stretch, Activate, Energise, Restore - Psoas Techniques.

  • Energy Systems: Chakras & Bija Sounds.

  • Meditation Foundations.

  • Teaching practicum: ONE KRAMA CLASS.



4) The Powerful Psoas

  • The Powerful Pair of Mystery Muscles.

  • The Psoas, Fascia, Deep Core Line & Nervous System Relationship.

  • The Psoas Minor.

  • Who is the Superhero of the Deep Core Line.

  • Psoas in Action & at Rest.

  • Spanning Three Chakras: The Core Chakras.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 5: In Service of the Spine

(Spinal Anatomy, Spinal Movements, Movement Possibilities, Active Seated Poses, Sequencing a Full Class, starting on teaching skills)


  • Flexibility & Mobility.

  • Better Backbends from your Core: Trinity Alignment.

  • Forward Folds: Creating Space Within.

  • Deeper Twists.

  • Exploring Pranayama in Seated Poses.

  • Sequencing and counterposing seated twists.

  • Sankalpa & Sequencing Tools.

  • Sequencing a Complete Class.

  • Communication Skills: Group Class Dynamics, Time Management, Establishing Priorities.

  • Teaching practicum: Sequencing & Teaching a Full Class.



5) Prioritise Your Spine

  • Architecture of the Spine.

  • Trinity Alignment.

  • Protection & Possibilities: Twist Don't Break.

  • Movements of the Spine: Limitations & Freedom.

  • Injuries & Common Complaints.

  • Human Evolution of the Spine.

  • Chakras, Granthis, Nadis & The Nervous System: Anatomical Perspectives.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 6: Building Relationships

(Finding purpose, tissues and sensations, joint relationships, building community, the body as a whole - hip 'openers', self relationship, Ayurveda - relationship to our environment)


  • Healthy Hip Openers.

  • Restful Seated Poses - Counterbalancing an active practice.

  • Core Truth: Sitting with Self.

  • Patanjali's 3 Steps to Transformation.

  • Teaching Skills - teacher observations looking at bodies - relationships of parts - what to look for.

  • Ayurveda: The Sister Science of Yoga; Constitution: Doshas, Gunas.

  • Your Learning Process as a teacher: Taking the Teachers Seat: Building Relationships.

  • Music & Ambience.

  • Teaching practicum:  Full Class - Kramas and Beyond.




6) Full-Body Relationships 


  • Finding Purpose: What relationships, sensations, are you looking for?

  • Healthy Tissue Relationships.

  • Sthira & Sukha: Anatomy & Philosophy.

  • Anatomy of the Joints.

  • Joint Relationships.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 7: Courage & Containment


  • Empowering Stages in Arm Balances: Inclusivity.

  • Manifest Courage in Arm Balances.

  • Smart Anatomy and Safety in Arm Balances.

  • A New Neutral with Restoratives.

  • Restorative Foundations: Energy Shift, the importance of Props.

  • Pranayama/Meditation/Mantra/Mind/Psyche.

  • Teaching Skills: Holding Space, Staying in Your Magic & Containing Your Energy.

  • 10 Steps to teaching your BEST classes.

  • Teaching Practicum: Empower.




7)  Architecture & Biomechanics of the Lower Body

  • Channels of Force & Weight Transfer.

  • BOS COG ROM: Axial Body and the Lower Extremities.

  • Solid Foundations: Ground Down to Rise Up.

  • Anatomy of the Foot.

  • Walk Tall: Gait, Psoas & Centre Of Gravity.

  • Spotlight Pelvic Anatomy.

  • The Power of Pelvic Reset.

  • Sacrum Nutation & Counternutation.

  • Injuries & Common Complaints.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 8: Shifting Perspectives

(Going Deeper, Fascia, Ninja Webbing, Yin, Myofascial Muscle Meridians, Inversions, Safer Supine Poses)

  • Inversions for Every Body.

  • Flipping Perspectives: Inversions - What holds us back?

  • Tools to free your mind.

  • Ninja Webbing, Fabulous Fascia.

  • Fascia and Sensation: Good/bad stretch, safer Supine Poses.

  • Shifting Perspectives with Inversions: Effects on the Nervous System.

  • Business of Yoga: Evolving Your Core Message.

  • Teaching inversions. Empowering yourself and students to take flight (even if your feet never even leave the floor).

  • Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics Dharma - Being Your Yoga.

  • Yin Foundations.

  • Teaching Practicum: Assessment Practice.




8)  Architecture & Biomechanics of the Upper Limbs


  • When Our Hands/Arms Meet The Earth.

  • Channels of Force & Weight Transfer.

  • BOS COG ROM: Axial Body and the Upper Extremities.

  • Physics of Arm Balances & Inversion.

  • Spiritual Physics: Biomechanics & Life Lessons.

  • Injuries & Common Complaints.

  • Inversions for Every Body: Why common instructions can be a shit-show for students.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 9: Bringing Your Magic


  • Energetic & Holistic Touch.

  • CSV Quiz.

  • Time to SHINE: Practical Teaching Assessments.

  • Teaching Different Populations.

  • Savasana Scripts.




9) Beyond Structure: Subtle Layers & Energetics

  • The Chakra & Nadi System.

  • Energy blockages.

  • Spine, organs, injuries - Emotional / Physical Injuries.

  • Psychic Knots: Granthis.

  • The Trinity: More than physical alignment.

  • Restorative Poses for the Spine.

  • Mountain Pose Template.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.


MODULE 10: Claiming the Teacher’s Seat


  • Class set-up.

  • Teaching Online.

  • Workshops, Retreats & Private Sessions.

  • Next Steps.

  • Level-up Your Social Media.

  • Marketing.

  • Graduation Celebration!




10) Yoga Asana in Motion

  • Form & Function in Asana.

  • Family Tree Of Poses

  • CSV Yoga® Mountain Pose Template.

  • Five Categories of Asana: Standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions.

  • Demonstration à la CSV Yoga® style of the Five Categories of Asana.

  • THE FUNDAMENTAL CUES: Biomechanics & Physics.

  • Fluid Foundations Movement, Exploration & Meditation.

  • Quiz.



Are there any prerequisites for this training?


2 years experience of Yoga and the passion to learn!


What equipment do I need for this training?


You'll need a human body :-) a yoga mat, two blocks, one yoga strap, notebook and pen, and a good sense of humour!


What should I wear?


Normal yoga clothing is good!


Can I still take this training if I am pregnant?


Yes you can, but please speak to Anya to discuss this in more detail. 


Can I still take this training if I have an injury?


Depending on the severity of your injury, it's usually possible to mindfully work around any injuries, chat to Anya to make sure. 



 A deposit is required to secure your place on the course at the time of booking.  


Applications are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


If deposits or balance payments are not made by the specified date, you may forfeit your place on the training.


The full fee should be paid by the time course finishes, or as outlined by a payment plan as previously agreed with Core Revolution.


Payment plans must be agreed by means of a standing order set up by the student or via a PayPal subscription payment plan (for non-UK students)


Full fees for the course must be paid before a graduation certificate can be issued.



Deposit Payments are non-refundable. 


Cancellations - due to there being limited spaces on the training,  a 50% refund of full course fees will only be given a) if the space can be filled b) in unforeseen circumstances such as serious injury, illness, death in the family - and this will be at the discretion of the trainer.





Whilst we will do everything to make sure the training course runs on the given dates, if the course needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead trainer reserves the right to cancel the course at any time. Under these circumstances, a date change may be offered or a full refund will be offered to the student.